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Download IBIKE Music Sheet in PDF – Yoruba Music Sheet

Download Ibike Music Sheet – Ibike is a very beautiful song and well arranged by Deric Esezobor and Edited by Professor Lazarus Ekwueme which is also known as Lazarus Edward Nnanyelu Ekwueme is a talented Nigeria Musicologist, Actor, Composer, and Scholar, and pioneer lecturer of music in Nigeria and also highly productive writer. A Kalabari song. Download Iya Yoruba Music Sheet in PDF and MP3 for Free.

Short Laz Ekwueme Biography – Ibike Music Sheet

Professor Lazarus Ekwueme was born in Anambra State which passed through Government College, Secondary education at Umuahia, and school at Royal College of Music in London where he majored highway in composition under the director of Jacob Gordon.

Lazarus Ekwueme obtained Ten (10) diplomas in music, Drama, and Speech in total and also earned a bachelor’s degree from The University of Durham England in 1962. He also earned a professional teaching diploma and a Licentiate of the Guildhall Music School. While learning in Britain, he took up with theatre and perform as an actor in African movies, then left Britain and returned to Nigeria in 1964.

In this year, we took up as a lecturer of Music composition, History, Singing, Conducting, and Theory at the Music faculty at the University of Nigeria well known at Nsukka. He was the only person to firstly be awarded music degrees in Nigeria.

His major consideration is towards choral music and to organized and arranging Nsukka Choral Society, the student who always performed in the University of Nigeria. In the year 1964, He traveled to Yale University in the United State Of America to earn a post-graduate degree in Music Theory.

He also lectured at the school and other schools in the USA. In the year 1974 while still at Yale University, he founded a choral group called New Haven International Chorus. He returned back to his country where he was given a faculty position in the newly created Music department at the University of Lagos by Jacob Ade Ajayi.

While in Lagos, he now founded the Laz Ekwueme Nation Chorale which was a highly valued Africa choral group. Over time with experience in musical experimentation, he became one of the few early Nigerian composers to produce successful musical syncretism of African choral works using western forms and techniques with the result generating wide appeal among Africans.

Some of the Choral compositions of Laz Ekwueme – Ibike Music Sheet

  • Obi Dimkpa (1980)
  • Missa Africana
  • Beware (Negro Spiritual)
  • Ote nkwa
  • A Night in Bethlehem (1963)
  • Piano Concerts in Re (1962)
  • Rhapsody Nigeriana
  • Zidata Mo Nso nke Gi
  • Elimoli (1979)
  • Nne n’ekunwa
  • Obi Dimkpa (1980)
  • Nwa n’ akwa akwa (1972)

The Ibike Music sheet was originally arranged by Deric Esezobor and edited by well-known Professor Laz Ekwueme and the Ibike video below was performed by The Laz Ekwueme Chorale. I also recommended some beautiful music such as Messiah BabaMi sheet music, Ope lo ye o music sheet, and Polongo Jesu sheet music.

Music Lyrics of Ibike

I bike itene Bomie, Iyana Bomie, Ikoko Bomi a e, Ori gbame sobo, isia rie gbotenama (2X) Ibike Bomi a e [4x] Sobo (2X) ikoko Bomi a e Ori gbame sobo, isia rie gbotenama (2X) I bike Bomi a e (4x) Sobo (2X) ikoko Bomi a e Ori gbame sobo, isia rie gbotenama (2X) Male voice Sobo (2X) Female voice: Ibike Bomi a e ALL: Sobo (4) bo….mi a e Sobo – (4X) gbame sobo, isia rie gbotenama… Repeating with solo.

IBIKE Music Translation

  • Appreciate your God
  • Owner of your soul, creator, and protector
  • He that’s eternal is calling you to come and built His Temple
  • Ibike Bomi a e = DO A GOOD THING UNTO GOD
  • Come, come and receive His blessing
  • He is eternal and immortal
  • calling you to build His temple.


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